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PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2012 4:16 am 
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8th Century Norway (the possibility of time travel heh)
A united free Ireland
El Dorado, Amazon Basin, South America
Olympus Mons, Mars (Total Recall, son)
Exoplanet GJ 667Cc (22 light years away? pfft, Thats just down the road.)



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PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 12:56 am 
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Envy wrote:
previous response:

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nice topic. best thing anyone can do in their life, if they get the opportunity, imo.

as for myself, there are a number of places in the world I've already been, that I'd love to return to. but I went with those not yet visited.

the list would likely change each time I'm asked. but eh.

Seattle - going there next summer, if all goes to plan. still contemplating moving there for a few years, if the chance ever arises.

San Francisco - as with Seattle, making the trip next year. funny - always saw myself as an East-coast type before actually moving to the States. NY aside... not so much, now.

Tokyo - not sure if it's somewhere I'd want to settle for an extended amount of time, but I always wanted to play the Akasaka BLITZ. friend of mine might be moving there for a few years, so it'd give me an excuse to visit, I s'pose.

Berlin - for the history, if nothing else. of anywhere in Germany, I'd happily go back to Cologne any time, given the opportunity, but having not visited Berlin yet, it's a definite 'want'.

Paris - was all set to travel there a couple of years back, but it fell through. ideally, I'd visit during fashion week.

...and, of course, doubtless six billion other places I'd love to go.

follow-up response:

Spoiler: show
given that the top two are now fulfilled (San Fran is Envy heaven, for the record), guess it's worth updating this a little.


in place of Seattle and San Fran, I offer the following:

Portland, OR - because Elliott Smith. natch. also, to complete my West Coast trifecta.

Edinburgh - the only part of the British Isles I've not visited, as far as the sovereign states go, is Scotland. certainly wouldn't be averse to visiting any city therein, but Edinburgh's always had that... I dunno... 'lure' about it, I guess.

glad this bugger got bumped. brings it back to my attention.

Edinburgh has since also been fulfilled. went during the Fringe last year. pissed it down. not the best.


said trip was while staying with a friend in Glasgow, which was infinitely more fun. also made a trip to her hometown on the coast.

so aye, need a new replacement. obvs Easter Island has been mentioned, but as that's my perfect sixth? I'm still in need of another.


Giza - more specifically, the Giza Necropolis. Egyptian history has always fascinated me, and it would be quite awesome to see the single remaining Wonder of the Ancient World firsthand. my family vacationed there several years back, and I was - and still am - as green as my handle at the fact.

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 Post subject: Re: 5 Places u wanna go in your lifetime
PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:54 pm 
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I concur with the sentiment expressed by Envy in this thread. Travelling abroad really is one of the best things someone could do during their lifetime. Going to do this as two lists, personally: 5 Want to Go To & 5 Want to Go Again.

5 Places I want to go to in my lifetime.
[*]Istanbul, Turkey - a mix of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman history, third largest European city behind London and Moscow, and it technically is situated across two continents; definitely worth a visit, I reckon.
[*]Taipei, Taiwan - missed Taiwan out on my big cross East Asia trip so I feel compelled to include it at a future opportunity.
[*]Peru - I'd like to check out Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines, walk the Inca Trail. Plus I've yet to get to S. America at all.
[*]The Maldives - 1,192 coral islands across 26 atolls with equatorial sun, pristine clear waters, coral reefs, gorgeous beaches, island hideaways - why not?
[*]Bruges, Belgium - so I can say I've been to hell, because after all "maybe that's what hell is: the entire rest of eternity spent in fucking Bruges"

Bonus: Bloukrans Bridge, S. Africa - home to the world's highest bungee jump site, far as I know. I've done the Nevis Bungy outside Queenstown at 132m, so the only way is up - as it were.

5 Places I want to go back to again.
[*]Japan - been and seen Tokyo, and whilst I would like to spend more time there I really want to travel the rest of the country - from Hokkaido all the way through to Kyushu.
[*]Seoul, S. Korea - because last time I was there it was freezing and I was dressed for summer so saw sweet F.A. of the city, hopefully remedied by a second trip.
[*]south island, New Zealand - just some of the most stunning scenery I've laid eyes upon and certainly worth another visit, driving around in a hired camper van and simply drinking in the visuals. Plus, the Nevis Bungy would be worth doing again for shits and giggles - although hopefully not during the jump.
[*]Las Vegas, USA - I've friends there and I honestly didn't play enough poker or blackjack first time around.
[*]Chiang Mai, Thailand - because it always comes back to Thailand for me and having lived up in Chiang Mai for a year it became my favourite part of the country, I most certainly miss it and want to get back.


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