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 Post subject: Shadow Of The Bat (Paul Dini/Kevin Smith idea)
PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 12:14 pm 
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Go listen to most of this week's Fatman On Batman

You already did? Excelent.

For those who hate podcasts (I know at least 2 people who do), or hate Kevin Smith (*shrug*), here is the basic outline:

Whilst discussing the Arkham Origins TV spot (link below) the theoretical show 'Shadow Of The Bat' suddenly came into Kevin Smith's head. The image which shows Bruce Wayne in prep school filled him with the idea - what would Bruce Wayne in prep school be like as a show? They're going to pitch it to Geoff Johns.

Spoilers ahead for a thing that doesn't yet exist, with a little embelishment on my part:

Putting him in Bl├╝dhaven Academy For Boys, thirteen year old Bruce Wayne has heard things about a Skull & Bones Society taking teens and turning them into mobsters for the Falcone's. The same family who hired his parent's killer. So, despite what Alfred says, he decides to attend the school. The choice is made easier given the complete destitution surrounding - and ignored by - the prestigious academy. Throughout season one, Bruce meets Ted Grant the coach, Dr Crane the psychiatrist, Harvey Dent his best friend, school marm 'Aunt' Harriet and, of course, Hugo Strange the headmaster.
Bruce blackmails Ted Grant into training him, by threatening to expose him as Wildcat: Gotham's first vigilante. This sets up the older teacher, teenage student dynamic of the (far) future Bruce/Dick.
Bruce finds out that Hugo Strange is doing weird experiments on the students and works through the first season to take him down and expose him - that's the overarching plot. The season finale is with Bruce victorious and the person behind Hugo being revealed to the audience as Ra's Al-Ghul! Who decides that it's time for the school to go co-ed and his daughter Talia to get involved.

They talk about much more and even throw in some "Homeland-style" time stamps of '20 years in the future' when it shows "Lost-style" flashforwards. Of course, even with showing the future it never shows a cape or costume.

Personally, I'd love to see this show. It sounds more exciting than "Lt. James Gordon fights corruption" that Fox seems to be going for with Gotham. If you get the chance, do listen to the podcast. It explains it better than I can.

Would you watch this?

Arkham Origin "30 second" TV spot (actually 53 seconds)


Watch Iron Manime!

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